chris-r-reinhardt-laborersadrChris R. Reinhardt, CIC has been involved with union ADR workers’ compensation programs in California since their inception in 1994. In addition, Mr. Reinhardt has been providing all forms of insurance to union offices, trust funds, individual members as well as contractor associations and their signatory contractors.

Mr. Reinhardt serves as program administrator for the Laborer’s Health and Welfare Trust of Southern California. His responsibilities include supervision of the ombudsperson and appointment of mediators/arbitrators.

Mr. Reinhardt is also responsible for all filings required by the WCIRB and DIR. As program administrator, he is also responsible for the Selection and Approval of Carrier Participants.

If you have any questions regarding the operation or benefits of the Laborer’s ADR Group Workers’ Compensation Program, please give Chris R. Reinhardt, CIC a call at (800) 864-6623 from within CA, (909) 234-7290 from outside CA or send an email to


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Outside CA Call: (909) 234-7290
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Laborer’s Trust – Mediators/Arbitrators

We have a distinguished panel of retired WCAB judges as mediators and arbitrators:

  • Robert Drakulich
  • Howard Goodman
  • John C. Gutierrez
  • John Hernandez
  • Gilbert Katen
  • Philip A. Mark
  • George W. Mason
  • Leonard J. Silberman